A’zarion and JaMarion

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Born 2010 & 2011
These best friends/brothers can lead you to the land of make-believe for hours…

These active brothers are a ton of fun, who love to run and play. They both like to be helpful and feel proud when you let them be a part of activities you are doing. They even enjoy going to the grocery store to help put items in the baskets. With such creative imaginations these boys can bring you to the land of make-believe for hours.

JaMarionJaMarion is a happy little guy with a great smile. He is eager to learn and try new things. He also likes to show his abilities and independence. He can turn on and play video games all by himself. JaMarion is skilled at climbing, running and playing. He loves to eat fruits and vegetables – even broccoli! Monkeys are his favorite animals. JaMarion enjoys one on one time with caregivers. He and his brother recently started a early learning school program to help with their speech and language delays.

A’zarion loves cake. He is called the “bird whisperer” because birds love to come over to him, which he loves! He is a fan of dogs, super heroes and play grounds. Spiderman is his favorite. Spending hours in the pool and playing in the back yard would be his dream day. A’zarion is open and friendly, he will welcome you to play cars on the rug with him. This wonderful little boy makes friends easily and gets along well with other kids. His best friend is his brother and he wants to follow JaMarion where ever he goes. Azarion+JaMarion

These brothers are in need of a forever family who will keep them together, offer support, patience, consistency, attention and unconditional love. A family like yours to offer support, patience, consistency, attention and a childhood of happy memories, perhaps. That’s not too much to ask, right?

Meet A’zarion and JaMarion as featured in a recent Tuesday’s Child…


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