Born 2003
Alyssa hopes to be a nurse when she gets older…

Alyssa is a smart, funny and determined 15-year-old girl. She loves to learn and try new things and is always willing to take on a challenge. Alyssa is very friendly and sociable and gets along with almost everyone! She is very helpful – especially in the kitchen where she loves to make snacks and desserts. Alyssa would love to have a family to share these treats with. If that family happened to have a dog, Alyssa would be happy to help take care of it! She has cared for a variety of animals in the past. She loves being with any kind of animal and experiences a great sense of comfort when around them.

Alyssa hopes to be a nurse when she gets older. She has a natural quality of wanting to give back and care for those in need. Children in the after school program where Alyssa worked were drawn to her kind nature. She was often found surrounded by children wanting to spend time with her.

Having a family is very important to Alyssa. She would like to be a part of a family that is active, but also knows how to relax. The most
important quality she would like in a family is the ability to keep her safe. She would like a Mom and Dad. Brothers and sisters close to
her age would be an added benefit!

Her existing family connections are important to Alyssa and she needs a family that is open to maintaining these relationships.

Alyssa is a fun loving girl who has a lot to offer a family. She would love to be a part of yours!


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