Born 2001
“My short term goal is to find a potential family to love me, care for me, and surround me with positive energy.”

Alicia is a strong, caring sixteen-year-old year old. She enjoys writing, in fact, she has started writing her own autobiography! Her writing has been an inspiration to other foster children who have started to think about their own stories and putting their experiences down on paper.

Alicia also enjoys getting manicures and spending time with people she cares about. Alicia is her own best advocate and desperately wants a family to love and care for her and surround her with positive energy.
Alicia does well in school, but admits that math can be challenging. She would love for a family to watch her walk across the stage at graduation.

Maintaining a relationship with her birth family is very important to her and needs any potential family to help her stay in touch with them.

Alicia would like a family that will help her overcome her past and make positive memories in the future.


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