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Born 2002
Jeffrey wants you to know that he is a “good kid,” that he is trusting and honorable.

Tall, shy, reserved, and at times really FUNNY are words others use to describe Jeffrey — a young man with big dreams. Now in Junior High, Jeffrey dreams of going to college, perfecting his basketball skills, and perhaps playing for a national team.


He also dreams of traveling the world and would like to start his adventure right here in the USA. He imagines visiting the 50th state, Hawaii, and fast-moving Las Vegas. Revisiting the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic is on also on his list. He loves the music of this nation, and he has some polished merengue and bachata dance moves to boot!

Jeffrey wants you to know that he is a “good kid,” that he is trusting and honorable. Once you get to know Jeffrey, you will find him to be open and craving your direction.

Jeffrey is waiting for a forever family to love him, take the best care of him, and never leave him. Ideally, he wants a family with two parents—a mother and a father, and he would welcome siblings—older or younger. A family that believes in God is important to Jeffrey, as is a family who resembles him. He would be happy in a Latino family and if they can cook mangú, ¡Qué bueno! He hopes to live in a one family home with his very own room one day—enjoying times playing basketball in the driveway, and one on one time hanging out on the couch watching TV. It is essential that Jeffrey’s forever family honor his birth family connections.

Are you the family Jeffrey can share his dreams with?


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