Ariel & Hannah


Born 2009 and 2010
Currently on hold…


Hannah+Ariel-2Meet two sisters who like to be on the move and are sure to capture your heart! Hannah and Ariel are very active siblings who love the outdoors and each other. They especially enjoy riding bicycles and jumping on trampolines – just like most children their age. Both girls are currently enrolled in gymnastics and swim lessons and thoroughly enjoy both of these activities. When not outside or involved in their extracurricular activities, you can find these creative and imaginative girls playing with their dolls or absorbed in an arts & crafts activities.

Full of energy and endless talent, Hannah and Ariel like to be on the move and challenged by new activities. Like many young girls, they like to keep their minds and bodies busy and are always ready to try new things. Forever families who like to be creative with a variety of ideas for activities will certainly have the opportunity to engage these young ladies in new interests!

Hannah and Ariel are looking for a forever family who will provide them with the structure, consistency, and unconditional love that they need. It is imperative that these girls be kept together!Hannah+Arielle-bottom


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