Out of State

If you are a waiting family from outside of Rhode Island with a completed home-study, we would be happy to register your home-study here so you can be considered for Rhode Island’s waiting children.

Adoption Rhode Island can only accept home-studies which are forwarded by the family’s adoption worker/agency. We are unable to register a home-study sent directly from the family.

In order to have a completed home-study packet the following elements must be included:
• A completed, up-to-date home-study with signatures
• Documentation that background checks have been completed and contain no disqualifying results (this can be indicated in the home-study)
• Verification that the adoption agency is licensed in the sending state
• A completed Rhode Island Matching criteria worksheet.

Have your agency or social worker send a copy of your home-study and the other elements to Adoption Rhode Island, 290 West Exchange St., Suite 100, Providence RI, or email: adoptionri@adoptionri.org.

Obtain a matching criteria form, then print and fill out.

If you are interested in adoption but have not begun the process yet, the first step is to locate an agency in your own state to get a home study. National organizations like the National Adoption Center may be able to help you locate an appropriate agency. Also check our outside Rhode Island links on our Resources page. If you would like to be mailed an information please click here.

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