ARI Video – “It’s a Better Place”

We at Adoption RI are thankful for all of the amazing kids we work with, the families, pre and post adoption, with whom we have the privilege of being involved, adoption professionals, legislators, advocates and supporters who help us help children and families find ‘A Better Place’ as a result of adoption. Enjoy this video that shows just a sampling the ‘better place’ that children, youth and families can enjoy with the help of a loving family. Help us spread the word that adoption from foster care is a mutually beneficial way to build a family and create positive futures for so many…

Thank you to Sony Records and recording artist, Rachel Platten for granting ARI the rights to this song for streaming only from the ARI website. Please note that through the license granted, sharing this video in a way other than through this website is not permitted and may result in revocation of rights and/or other penalties.


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